After years in the digital marketing world, we started to see some problems...

Problem #1:

Companies are stuck using the shotgun strategy.

Too often businesses are convinced by agencies to just spend more money on more ads to get more leads. We challenge that.

Instead of just increasing your total revenue, we aim to make your marketing spend more efficient and converting, so that you can spend less and make more money.

$98 billion

Left on the screen when companies don't simplify their message

Problem #2:

Companies confuse users with unclear messaging.

When you try to fit too many messages into your marketing you only end up confusing your customers. We prefer simple and clear language the lays out the problem you solve with your specific solution. 

Then we provide a simple plan that leads to a happy ending. We add more content and information to your website on subpages and blogs. But your homepage needs to be simple and clear.

Problem #3:

customers aren't just customers - they should be advocates.

The sales funnel doesn't stop when a customer does business with you. The best businesses turn customers into advocates and raving fans. 

We can help you do this by creating messaging and offers that continue to add value to your clients. Don't lose the opportunity to turn your customers into your marketing team.

Junk mail in a mailbox (text: Don't Let All Your Hard Work End Up Like This)

we aim to boost your roi, not just your revenue.

Many marketing agencies will tell you that marketing is a numbers game. The more money you spend, the more leads you get, and the more money you make. You make more money so they feel they did their job.

 But your return on investment never went up.

We saw hundreds of companies wasting money confusing their customers with complex language and building websites with poor UX design that made it difficult to navigate.

In 2021, we knew there had to be a better way.



Deploy crafted, engaging & clear websites to the world. 

Automate your marketing with lead-generators, email automation and workflows. 

Build traffic with managed SEO to get the whole system pumping.


That's why we build websites from the ground up with nothing but the words. Your website need to engage visitors, inviting into a story that they relate to and understand. 

We build your carefully crafted website by combining your message with UX (User-Experience) Focused Design to communicate clearer than ever before.


Not everyone who comes to your website is going to buy from you right away.  You want a way to build a relationship with potential leads.  This allows you to become the expert in their minds and the obvious choice when they do need what you offer.

Craft custom PDFs, digital downloads, newsletters, event signups, landing pages & more to give your customers every way to engage & remember your brand without the pressure of a sale.


You want to have a strategy that drives organic traffic to your website. This starts with long-form quality content, strategic keyphrase targeting & high-authority backlinks, to list a few.

We analyze your current SERP rankings, your competition, and market research to strategically grow your authority. We provide data, reporting, and consulting to continue to react to the changing environment to keep your SEO optimized.

scale up with the modern marketing system as your foundation.

Any business owner worth their salt has to consider scalability with any organizational change. With the Modern Marketing System, you can put all your concerns away.

Craft Systematized Narrative Messaging for all your Campaigns 

Hook any Advertising Campaign into your Automatic Sales Funnel 

Adjust SEO Strategy based on current environment

Integrate your CRM and Website with Zapier

Woman giving a presentation to a boardroom

A simple recipe for digital success that works.

Companies that implement our Modern Marketing System see higher traffic to their website, increased conversions, and growing revenue.

This is the same simple method we used to build our business. 

We started from zero and now we get new leads every week, free from Google without spending any money on ads or any external marketing. 

Let me do the same thing for you.

David McArdle // Founder // The Virtual Marketing Directors

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Getting started is easy.

Simply schedule a call with us through our website. 

Then one of our Virtual Marketing Directors will reach out to you and learn more about your business needs. 

Then together you will create your own Modern Marketing System.

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