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Gain Leads, Engage with Your Audience, and Close Sales in Your Sleep


Use Your New Sales Funnel to Sift Through the Duds and Find the Real Leads


Bridge the Gap Between Cold Prospects and Hot Leads with Nurturing Campaigns

ENGINEER an Automated Selling Machine

An Automated Sales Funnel Can Scale Your Income and Grow Your Reach

Conversion-Focused Landing Pages

Campaign-Specific Lead Generators

Lead-Nurturing Campaigns

Automated Email Sequences

Market-Engagement Reporting

Narrative-Driven Messaging

Pssst...have you heard of Storybrand?

How much money are you leaving on the screen?

How much money are you losing by not capturing leads that visit your website? 

90% of visitors to your website are not ready to do business with you.

What are you doing to make sure you build a relationship with these leads? 

Don’t lose the opportunity to become a trusted advisor to these leads.    

You need to have a sales funnel.

We know how hard it is to 
convert visitors into paying customers.

we help companies build relationships with clients.

We know the importance of identifying and solving your visitors immediate problem as well as building an ongoing relationship with them.

We have built Automated Sales Funnels for all different types of businesses.  The process of building a relationship is the same.

Your goal is to guide your visitor through the stages of a relationship with you.

Woman handing purchased bag to customer, covid era with masks

The Stages of your customer relationship:

Happy shopper with coffee and bags at outdoor table

Nurture Your Leads to Become Your Next Raving Fans.

You have sparked their curiosity enough that they are visiting your website.

Then you offer content that takes them through the enlightenment stage with your lead generator and your follow up emails.  

From there, when they are ready to business with you they will engage with your company because you have taken the time to build a relationship and build trust.  

Narrative Messaging + workflow automation

Cut through the fluff with handcrafted, strategic and conversion-focused messaging.

keep it all connected.

Have a CRM for your organization? No problem. 

Automate your processes and integrate your current CRM or client relationship software with all of your sales funnels.

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By the way, Need a messaging upgrade?

Companies all over the world are implementing the StoryBrand Marketing Framework, 

and seeing over 4x the return in revenue.

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join these companies and CONVERT LEADS IN YOUR SLEEP.

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power up your sales flow.


Pick a time that is convenient for you and get all your questions answered.


We learn more about you & plot how to to put our expertise at work to grow your business.


We create amazingly fast websites with engaging content and automated systems that will make your life easier.


After auditing and testing, we launch your new website to the world and then provide our 5 Star Support to keep it running smoothly.

The Virtual Marketing Directors rock! I was using MailChimp previously for email campaigns and, although MailChimp is fairly simple, their coaching and system are working far better - more intuitive, functional and clear. If you're frustrated with how to make email technology work for you, call the VMD team. 

 - Preston True, True Point Advisors

Sales Funnel Crash Course Cover

want to learn more about sales funnels?

Let the Virtual Marketing Directors introduce you to Sales Funnels. 

Small, bite-sized bits of information allows you to take your first steps into developing hot, quality leads. 

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Your website should be an automated selling machine.

Don’t let another lead slip through the cracks

Don’t miss out on revenue you should be earning

Don’t let your competition become the expert authority

Stop thinking of marketing as a "numbers game"

need more than just the sales funnel?

Your sales funnels are only one part of your digital presence. Explore our premium marketing suite.

Automate Your Inbound Marketing.

When you have your visitors trust, you will be the only business they would think of working with.

Solve Your Visitor's Problems Immediately
Gain authority as the expert in your industry
create easier paths to purchase for leads
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