Finding the time to learn new things can be hard. So we made these for you to make it easier!

30 tools for small businesses

30 Tools for Small Businesses Cover
WHAT you'll learn:

Ever wonder how these tiny little businesses get so much done? 

Do you need a digital tool to make your life easier. 

Chance are we have one for you. 

Check our this free guide to find the best of the best tools we love and use every day.

power sections:

  • Podcasts/Blogs
  • CRMs
  • Communication Tools
  • Project Planning
  • Email Automation
  • Scheduling
  • Video tools
  • Graphic Design
  • Analytics
  • E-Courses

seo  crash course

SEO Crash Course Cover
WHAT you'll learn:

Our breakthrough guide to SEO. 

If the letters S-E-O scare you, this guide is for you. We start nice and slow and introduce you to how search engines work and why learning about SEO is so important. 

You will understand why SEO is so important and a few simple strategies for improving your Google ranking.

power sections:

  • Defining SEO
  •  Tracking Your SEO
  •  Forgotten SEO Strategies
  •  7 Common SEO Mistakes
  •  Patching Your SEO

sales funnel Crash course

Sales Funnel Crash Course
WHAT you'll learn:

The more sales funnels you have in your business, the more money you will make. Most people who come to your website are not ready to do business with you yet. 

But they will give you their email address if you can solve a problem for them right away. By creating an automated sales funnel you will be able to build a list of warm leads while you sleep. 

This guide will show you how to create your very first funnel.

power sections:

  • Defining a Sales Funnel
  •  Filling Your Funnel
  •  Sparking Visitor Curiosity
  •  The Lead-Generator
  •  Following Up
  •  How to Close the Deal
  •  Driving Traffic to Your Funnel
  •  Building Your First Funnel

digital ads crash course

Digital Ads Crash Course
WHAT you'll learn:

Creating ads can be super overwhelming.

In our guide, we break down how to create a Google Ads account to creating a launching your first ad. 

Once you have done it once, you will feel confident creating a catalog of ads that will make sure you get seen by your target audience. 

Demystify digital ads by downloading our guide today!

power sections:

  • What is PPC Advertising?
  •  Google Ads + Facebook Ads
  •  Facebook Ads: Under the Hood
  •  Facebook Ads: Get Started
  •  Google Ads: Under the Hood
  •  Build Your Ad Strategy
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