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aspire indiana health

The team at Aspire recently learned the power of the Storybrand Marketing Framework and were excited to implement it on their website. 

They knew they had a large project that would require a lot of custom design and multiple software integrations. We were able to create a unique design the combined high-resolution imagery along with eye-catching graphics. 

But all of the design is anchored in the words that help share what sets Aspire Indiana Health apart from other health networks in Indiana. (paragraph break). 

Aspire serves such a diverse community that we needed to create multiple Storybrand Brandscripts that spoke to their different audiences. 

Through multiple deep-dive conversations, we were able to write content that would build trust with their audiences. Since most people don't typically read health network websites for fun, we knew that we needed to make finding information easy. 

With so many services and offerings, it was important to design in a way that made for the best visitor experience possible. The final product was a website that is easy to navigate, it provides a wealth of information.

Aspire Indian Health Website Mockup on multiple devices

I have already recommended The Virtual Marketing Directors to two other organizations. Whatever your marketing or website needs are, I highly recommend that you consider them, I'm certain you will be pleased with your decision.

- Darrell Mitchell, Vice President of Recovery Communities


Erika at SSC CPAs + Advisors knew that her companies website needed an update. 

After working with another Storybrand Guide, she needed a team that could implement the content she had created into an amazing website that would serve her current clients as well as attract new clients. 

She met with us and had lots of questions. She needed to know that we could handle all of the requirements she had for her new website. 

Fortunately for us, when you build your websites from scratch with code, you can do almost anything. 

So we were able to create an amazing design along with installing a custom-designed sales funnel. 

Now she has a website that meets all her requirements and is generating new leads even when the office is empty.

SSC CPAs + Advisors Website Mockup on multiple devices

We loved the design from the start. I especially appreciated how they worked to connect with me, as the point-person within our organization, in tandem with their team meeting to work on this. There was regular and open communication and I value the tools that are offered, including the way their team members will send over brief instructional videos. So helpful.

- Erika Dvorske, COO


Joe and Charlene are the owners of The Virtual Real Estate Team. After attending a Storybrand Live Workshop, they knew they needed to overhaul their website. They were also pivoting their business from real estate to real estate investing. 

We went to work creating a new logo and branding for the change in direction. They needed a website that highlighted all of the benefits of investing in Oklahoma City. Joe had created a long playlist of YouTube videos that we were able to highlight on his new website. 

We also created a customized sales funnel that became a free investing mini-course. This simple funnel now pours clients into their SalesForce CRM system and provides a continuous pipeline of new leads. 

Joe and Charlene are another Storybrand success story!

The Virtual Real Estate Team Website Mockup on multiple devices

We interviewed multiple companies and many had great standing in the real estate area which is what we do, investment real estate. The Virtual Marketing Directors were the most responsive and professional in their presentations to us with never a hard sell, but with proof in their designs for other clients not in real estate, but the home pages made me want to know more about those products. 

- Joe Pryor, Owner


DivDat creates patented kiosks that allow people without access to bank accounts or credit cards the ability to pay their bills with cash. 

This amazing technology allows for so many more people the ability to pay bills on time and stay on top of their expenses. Being a new company they had a pretty basic website. Now that they are expanding their services, they needed a more professional look with a lot more capability. 

They also wanted a team they could build a relationship with and that would grow with them as their needs grew. While they provide payment systems to one audience, they needed a website that spoke directly to the companies that need to collect these funds. 

They needed a website that highlighted the benefits of equity, diversity, and inclusion in a market that is not always inclusive.

Through a rigorous process we landed messaging and a design that the DivDat team felt would impact their target market. We are extremely proud to work with Jason and his team and can't wait to see them grow their reach.

Divdat Website Mockup on multiple devices

"We had very high expectations of what our new site would look like.  We needed a great design with clear content that would explain what we do and why it is important.  The VMD team came through and kept working until we had a website we couldn't wait to show off."

- Patrick Bruce

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